SHINEU | Fruit•C pressed candy
SHINEU has been dedicated to modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine, manufacturing and selling high-end functional foods. We integrate the historic wisdom of TCM and modern biotechnology in order to create functional and health foods that benefit people on daily basis. We believe that our exclusive soft capsule technologies, products and service could continuously enhance the quality of people’s lives.
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Fruit•C pressed candy

About This Project

DHA Fruit Candy Tablet is made from microencapsulated DHA fish oil, sea-buckthorn fruit extraction and vitamin C and supplemented by natural sweet orange powder. DHA is an essential fatty acid for constituting brain nerve cells while vitamin C can facilitate the absorption of iron and improve body immunity through its ability of anti-oxygenation on the body.

For DHA Fruit Candy Tablet, we employ microencapsulation technology to transform DHA fish oil into solid powder and then tablet it; each tablet contains more than 10 mg of purified DHA and 60-100 mg of vitamin C, thereby improving the body immunity to diseases. Compared with oil liquid DHA, microencapsulated DHA is greatly improved in terms of the oxidation stability, therefore it can cover the fishlike smell, making the tablet easy to take.

Function Mechanism:

For child intelligence and vision improving: DHA replenishes the brain nerves with nutrients while VC improves body immunity to diseases.


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