SHINEU | Intelliguard pressed candy
SHINEU has been dedicated to modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine, manufacturing and selling high-end functional foods. We integrate the historic wisdom of TCM and modern biotechnology in order to create functional and health foods that benefit people on daily basis. We believe that our exclusive soft capsule technologies, products and service could continuously enhance the quality of people’s lives.
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Intelliguard pressed candy

Brain Nourishment, Youth Growth
About This Project

Intelliguard pressed candy is prepared with phosphatidylserine (cephalin) and DNA as brain nutrient and supplemented by fruit powder, among which the Ω-3 fatty acid composition is ≥ 8%. Both phosphatidylserine and DNA are structural components of brain nerve cells, thereby the product can supply the brain with a steady flow of nutrients.

Ingredients: phosphatidylserine, DHA (fish oil extract), sweet orange powder, white granulated sugar, resistant dextrin (water soluble fiber); excipient magnesium stearate (tablet lubricant).