SHINEU | Milk Calcium pressed candy
SHINEU has been dedicated to modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine, manufacturing and selling high-end functional foods. We integrate the historic wisdom of TCM and modern biotechnology in order to create functional and health foods that benefit people on daily basis. We believe that our exclusive soft capsule technologies, products and service could continuously enhance the quality of people’s lives.
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Milk Calcium pressed candy

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About This Project

Milk Calcium Tablet is a kind of food supplement with milk calcium as raw material and vitamin D, casein calcium peptide and lactose for facilitating absorption of calcium. Milk calcium extracted from cow’s milk is the most absorbable calcium for human body. For Milk Calcium Tablet, each tablet contains calcium higher than 160mg (180mg-200mg on average), therefore taking 3 tablets of this product daily can make up for the deficiency of daily calcium intake.

The raw material of Milk Calcium Tablet is made of fresh cow’s milk, therefore the aroma of milk powder is maintained. In addition, as the product contains protein higher than 5% (8% on average) as well as vitamin D3 and many other vitamins, it is equipped with ideal trophic function.

Function Mechanism:

For osteoporosis: Milk Calcium Tablet can replenish calcium.

For children intelligence improving and calcium replenishing: Milk Calcium Tablet can reinforce children bone development.