SHINEU | SHINEU LeYang Soft Capsule
SHINEU has been dedicated to modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine, manufacturing and selling high-end functional foods. We integrate the historic wisdom of TCM and modern biotechnology in order to create functional and health foods that benefit people on daily basis. We believe that our exclusive soft capsule technologies, products and service could continuously enhance the quality of people’s lives.
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SHINEU LeYang Soft Capsule

TCM Legacy, Natural Remedies
About This Project

Leyang Soft Capsules is a natural alternative of Hirsutella hepiali Chen et shen, Cordyceps sinensis. Its contents are made into very easily dispersive particles of 5-10um in diameter by globally exclusive preparative technique, thereby facilitating absorption of active ingredients by the body.

Applicable to:

  1. Those bearing heavy work stress or fatigable;
  2. Those with low immunity, debility or decreased sexual function as well as those who easily catch a cold or irritability;
  3. Middle-aged and aged people who lack exercise and in poor health condition;
  4. Those who had diseases or received operations, radiotherapy or chemotherapy;
  5. Those with acute or chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency, renal failure, uremia or diabetic nephropathy;
  6. Patients with pneumonia, tuberculosis or chronic bronchitis;
  7. Those with emphysema, asthma or pulmonary fibrosis;
  8. Those with myocarditis, arrhythmia or renal hypertension