SHINEU has been dedicated to modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine, manufacturing and selling high-end functional foods. We integrate the historic wisdom of TCM and modern biotechnology in order to create functional and health foods that benefit people on daily basis. We believe that our exclusive soft capsule technologies, products and service could continuously enhance the quality of people’s lives.
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Bees Product
About This Project

Propolis Contains over 20 kinds and more than 400 varieties of active nutritional ingredients, propolis is a god-given natural compound in the natural world. Shineu Propolis adopts pure natural propolis raw materials and effectively eliminates heavy metal, vegetable glue, beeswax and other impurities through four times of refining so as to warrant purity of contents of each propolis capsule. With advanced manufacturing technique, the exclusively patented product, Shineu Propolis, has boasted health care effect superior to other like products in the market.

Function Mechanism:

1.For diabetes mellitus: Propolis is able to control diabetic complications and can reinforce the hypoglycemic effect when jointly administered with royal jelly and polygonatum sibiricum;
2.For hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and hypertension: Propolis can improve blood flow distribution and such effect can be synergized when the product is used with Jiaoling Jueming;
3.For liver injury caused by chronic excessive alcohol consumption: Propolis can exert strong protective effect on liver cells, and combination of propolis and Cordyceps sinensis can synergize such effect;
4.Hypoimmunity: Propolis can improve immunity and enhance the body’s immunity to diseases.